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Old Photos of Don Younger Partying

During my visit to Portland last month, I decided to stop by the Horse Brass Pub that legendary beer connoisseur, Don Younger, owned. The Horse Brass Pub is a beautiful traditional English-style Pub that hosts several outstanding craft beers including Russian River, Hair of the Dog, Deschutes and many more. This bar has been named one of the best beer bars in America and it did show! So, as I was sipping my Blind Pig beer consorting with my beer buddies, this ol’ fella, Jerry Boyle, came up to us and wanted to know what our business was hanging out. I told this guy that I was a beer bloggist and was on a mission to check out all the great watering holes and breweries of Portland (and Bend later that week). It so happened that this fella was one of the “smokers club” who drank and partied with Don Younger over the years. One of my buddies glanced on the rafters of the pub and saw that there were tin foil hats. Jerry chuckled and said that back in ’06 a buddy celebrated his birthday and wanted to celebrate by creating funny hats out of aluminum foil then the tin foil rage caught up every year after that. Just before I left the pub, Jerry ran to his car and brought out a photo CD which included some rare photos of Don Younger sporting a tin foil hat and the photos captured the true essence of how Don enjoyed life. With that being said, I wanted to share some cool photos. Thanks to Jerry for a glimpse in his and Don’s past. Enjoy!

tinfoil hat 2010 008

Jerry Boyle pictured in 2010

2008-02-10 019

Don Younger pictured here in 2008


Ah screw this he said, I’m smoking in my bar!

2006-11-17 021 2006-11-17 020

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This entry was posted on February 11, 2013 by in Beer.

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