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I LOVE OKTOBERFEST! Oh and all the fun that goes with it beyond beer drinking… The Masskrugstemmen!

Jim Cohen via Beer Universe said it best back in his write-up in 2010:

“You love drinking beer. Better yet, you love playing games when drinking beer. Darts, pool, beer pong, etc. all make it into your local watering hole. Here’s a new one for you: Masskrugstemmen.

Mass-a-what? Masskrugstemmen literally means “beer-stein holding.” It’s the latest import from Bavaria and may have replaced your favorite night time activity. The rules are quite simple: Contestants must hold a 1-liter stein filled to the top with beer at arm’s length for as long as possible.

Sound easy? The contestant’s arm cannot be bent and must remain parallel to the ground and Any spilling will immediately disqualify a contestant. The winner is the individual (both men and women compete in the same round) who can keep their arm extended out the longest. And as we mentioned above, this isn’t your regular pint of beer – it’s a heavy 1 liter glass filled to the brim with your favorite brew—clocking in at approximately 5 pounds.

After a couple minutes of holding the stein, your muscles begin to burn. Just writing about it is making us thirst—but wait! You can’t drink any of the delicious brew while you are competing in this contest (that’ll have to wait after the contest has defeated you). Hopefully, by the time you finish the liter of beer you can’t remember the pain that filled your muscles and maybe you are ready to try the contest all over again.

What is the world record for this contest? An agonizing 19 minutes. Newcomers to the contest will be lucky to put up 6 minutes.

While this “sport” is hardly new—it is picking up some serious momentum.

Are you strong enough to participate in this sport? Try it out (when the opportunity arises) and see if you have it takes to be a Masskrugstemmen champion.”

See you on the stage this coming Oktoberfest folks!

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This entry was posted on September 13, 2012 by in Beer.

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