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New Glarus Beers

I have been fortunate to visit one of the biggest beer capitals in the United States as well as home to one of the largest party colleges in the United States (University of Wisconsin) for a wedding in Madison. I was able to sample some really good beers at several interesting places. New Glarus is one of America’s top breweries and I was fortunate to try some of their finest stuff.

My favorite of the New Glarus was the Dancing Man Wheat which I’ve already billed one of the best hefeweizens! This 7% ABV beer pours a hazy yellow color with a large white head. The aroma is bananas, cloves and wheat. The flavor is more of the same. The banana component of the flavor stands out the most, but the cloves and wheat are also present and keep the beer from being sweet and syrupy. Medium, creamy mouthfeel and medium carbonation.
theBeerAuthority: A

New Glarus Raspberry Tart and Wisconsin Belgian Red are one of the very popular “fruit beers” which is a style I am not too fond of. But, there are folks out there who go crazy for this stuff! For example, the highly sought after Raspberry Tart (not pictured) pours a deep red and shows a small slightly rosy raspberry colored head that quickly dissipates and leaves very little lacing throughout. The smell gives off a boquet of tarts. It is mostly sugar and raspberries with a hint of oak. The taste is pure sweet and tart raspberry goodness. Not very sour, it is more of a tart flavor, hence the name. Medium bodied with nice sticky mouthfeel. This is a great beer with just about any dessert, highly drinkable, drink it cold. These fruit beers go in at about 4% ABV. Another cool thing is that both bottles are sealed by thin red wax that kind of drips down across the neck of the bottle. Each bottle retails about $10 to $11 each. I’m not even going to rate these beers as I would be giving it an unjust score due to my dislike of this particular style. But this is a good one for fruit beer lovers!

The New Glarus Thumb Print IIPA (9% ABV) pours a bright orange color with high clarity; creamy, fine-bubbled white head with nice retention and lacing. Aroma is a bit relaxed compared to the big boys, showing tangerine and grapefruit hoppiness, along with a quiet undercurrent of toasty maltiness. Medium-full body; lively carbonation; any alcohol coming through does so softly. Lots of delicious hop flavor coming through here: a vibrant orange and grapefruit and somewhat lemon hoppy core (dank, vibrant, delicious), showing plenty of assertive bitterness that doesn’t overshadow how flavorful this is; definitely seems like there’s at least a bit of Amarillo in here, with delicious orange notes coming out; a quiet, orienting toasty malt character underneath. Long-lasting, nicely bitter and toasty finish: oranges, grapefruit, solid dry end. Overall a great DIPA!
theBeerAuthority: A
The Imperial Weizen Unplugged (9% to 11% ABV) pours a very hazy orange/yellow with nice lacing white head. Aroma is perfect, notes of clove and cinnamon, some nice banana, tropical fruit, and citrus notes from the dry hopping, with slight notes of even some pine and grass. Taste is a bit less potent, but has notes of banana, tropical fruit, yeast and some slight honey, pine, clove, and some sweet fruit finishes with a touch of grainy biscuit. Very nice hefeweizen, balanced, not too sweet. I much prefer the Dancing Man Wheat over this one.
theBeerAuthority: B

In any case, New Glarus does churn out excellent beer and try one when you get a chance to!

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