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Sierra Nevada Narwhal

SN Narwhal10.2% ABV. Russian Imperial Stout from Sierra Nevada, in Chico, CA. I first had this brew on tap at a local bar then later several times via bottles. Pours jet black with a nice and dense tan head. Nose of sweet charcoal, coffee and chocolate. Flavors of a mocha forward stout with a fair bit of roast, dark nuts, and chocolate. Nice finish of bitter roasted coffee and hop bitterness which helps give it some length. This is a nice and complex stout from Sierra Nevada. A four pack of this is very reasonably priced as well. Welcome, Narwhal.
theBeerAuthority: B+

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This entry was posted on August 22, 2013 by in Beer, Beer reviews, Craft beer and tagged , , , , .

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Thanks @cleverham87 for a trip down memory lane with this coveted #Aruba #Balashi beer! Perfect day for this! β˜€οΈπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» And I would be remiss not to post #lawsonsfinest #lipsofsunshine! That stuff is amazing! (photo credit: @fussballkoenig @threepennytap) #VTbeer So long #NewEngland, it's been fun! πŸ‘πŸ» #Cheers (pictured with some #HeadyTopper) Being on the road is tough. @treehousebrewco #treehousepacer #craftbeer Love this place! Has literally all the best beers one could find in #Vermont! Gotta love the signage on the top right too! πŸ˜‚ @threepennytap #lawsonsfinestliquids #sipofsunshine #hillfarmstead #VTbeer #cheers! Very disappointed with their growth strategy execution. 3 hour average for growler fills 1-2 staffers manning the taps and very slow with building their new tasting room. Glad to have made the pilgrimage though! @hillfarmstead #hillfarmstead #VTbeer #cheers! Geez, this stuff is SOOO hard to find! #headyspotter is both a blessing and a curse. Glad we landed a four pack at least but many bars have cans. Not complaining. #headytopper #whereswaldo #VTbeer #cheers! Had some #weisstrash @newenglandbrewing and thought it was okay along with its mediocre lineup. So disappointed they can't make more #ghandibot and retire the others. ;) #nebco  #craftbeer A little bit of art. @treehousebrewco #craftbeer #curiositytwenty #cheers! Julius-amazing! @treehousebrewco #treehousebrewing #MAbeer #craftbeer #roadtrip #cheers! Epic drinking last night! @gooseislandbeer Rare Bourbon County Stout - 2010 vintage. #bcbs #rarebeer #holygrail #whitewhale #whaleslayers #craftbeer #bosspour #cheers! Damn this is some good shit! @dcbrau #solarabyss I sure hope this isn't an one-off. Please make some more of this #dcbrau! #craftbeer #cheers!

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