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Corona Extra on draft!?

Ahh… Corona Extra brings me back memories from my college days in Arizona (e.g., my legendary 40-something Corona night gone really, really bad). The only reason why I am even rating this beer is because I had it on tap for the first time ever which is really rare. I don’t think they even have Corona Extra on draft in the states. My wife and I went to Mexico along with another couple at an all-inclusive resort last week and they had Corona on draft. Corona Extra is made in Mexico and distributed through Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V. I usually drink it out of a 12oz bottle with lime squeezed in. However, with this beer being offered on tap, it was usually poured into a tall glass. This 4.6% ABV lager pours a golden, without any head, some bubbles. Grassy hops aroma hit as soon as I first taste it, then some sweet notes came through as the beer wormed up in a glass. Good, medium body. There is a taste to this brew, although not much — some light hops and some sweet notes. Definitely a lager to drink in the heat or when eating Mexican food. Beeradvocate: D/D-, Ratebeer: 10/100. (OUCH! on both counts, but understandable as both sites are craft beer fiends). Moneybeer: C+ (I gave this rating higher because this is a “party beer” and usually drunk in specific situations such as on a hot day by the pool). Adios!

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This entry was posted on January 25, 2011 by in Beer.

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